We sent Our Messengers with clear signs and sent down with them the Book and the measure in order to establish justice among the people (Qur’an 57:25)


According to the extremists, Bai’ah of Pledge of Obedience given to their leader is the same as that given to the Prophet. They asserted that once a Bai’ah is given, it cannot be broken. One who breaks the bai’ah is said to have committed grave sins, and he has betrayed the group and its leader and he becomes a kafir (an infidel). The extremists claimed that without Bai’ah, one is less pious and less Muslim. Bai’ah is used by the extremist groups as a psychological tool to maintain loyalty of members to carry out acts of atrocities.

According to Islam the status of permissibility of bai’ah must be ascertained by majority of leaders in the society – the ulama (scholars), umara (rulers) and respected people. The extremists’ leaders do not represent the majority Muslim community. Thus their bai’ah is considered wrong and unacceptable.