Outreach Efforts

“The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, ‘Teach and make it easy. Teach and make it easy.’ three times.” Hadith narrated by lbn ‘Abbas

Besides its primary counselling and rehabilitation work, the RRG is also committed to building social resilience in the community through its outreach programmes. Since 2005, the RRG has organised conferences, forums, dialogue sessions and briefings to educate the community about key Islamic concepts which have often been misinterpreted by terrorist and extremist groups such as JI, Al-Qaeda and ISIS.
The RRG has also published information booklets through its public education series to counter the terrorist and extremist interpretations of Islamic concepts. Examples of this public education series published by the RRG include The Syrian Conflict and The Fallacies of the Islamic Caliphate: A Brief Explanation. These pamphlets comes in different languages too. The latest publication by the RRG is the pamphlet on ISIS and Terrorism – Understanding the Security Threat in Bengali.
The RRG also reaches out to schools and madrasahs (religious schools) as part of its ongoing community engagement initiatives. These initiatives now include mosques as partners where clerics from the RRG conduct Friday pre-/post-sermon talks to the congregation focusing on issues related to the threat of extremism; ethics and the Internet; role of parents; search for knowledge and values in living in a multi-racial and multi-religious society.
The RRG Resource and Counselling Centre has also become a learning journey stopover for the educational institutions and members of the public who are interested to know the threat of radical ideology and its counter narratives in greater depth.
The public can now connect with the RRG through its YouTube and Facebook page.