Our Message

“O ye who believe!  Remain steadfast for Allah, bearing witness to justice.  Do not allow  your hatred for others make you swerve to wrongdoing and turn you away from justice.  Be just; that is closer to true piety.”  (Qur’an 5:8)

messageRRG aims to counter radicalisation and extremism with the ideals of moderation (wasatiyyah) through the spirit of loving, caring and sharing for a cohesive Singapore.

Importance of Ideological Response
Effective counter-terrorism requires a multi-pronged approach. Counter-terrorism can be done through different ways such as curbing the extremists’ financial support, maintaining homeland security and providing an ideological response.

As extremists often use misinterpreted Islamic concepts to promote their cause, RRG focuses on the area of ideological response to correct these misconceptions. RRG’s role is to respond effectively to their violent ideology which stems from a misinterpretation of military concepts in Islam.

Counter ideology exposes their misuse of religion and helps to subdue as well as prevent radicalization of Muslim communities. Aside from detainees, RRG also aims to address younger Singaporean Muslims who may be vulnerable to these extremists’ indoctrination. RRG is currently pursuing avenues – such as forums, publications and newspaper commentaries – to educate the younger Singaporean Muslims to appreciate the true understandings of Islam.

Through ideological response, RRG aims to achieve three goals, namely:

  • Towards discrediting the extremists
  • Towards impeding their violent ideology from spreading
  • Towards immunizing the community at large from falling prey to such ideology